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Prescription Glasses for Women

While function is important in most cases, a lot of women want glasses that look great on their own and have the power to accentuate a complete look as a purposeful accent.

Whether you're looking for women's clear lens fashion glasses, sunglasses, or women's prescription eyeglasses, there are many options available on our website that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning eyeglass wearers.

Considerations When Shopping for Prescription Glasses for Women

There is a lot to think about when shopping for prescription eyeglasses. If you overlook something, you run the risk of regretting your purchase at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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A regrettable purchase is never a good thing, but it's particularly unfortunate when it comes to something that's expected to last for years. With people often wearing the same pair of glasses for several years, you must pick the right pair when you're shopping.

The Age of Your Prescription

Unless you're shopping for fashion-only glasses, the age of your prescription is something you'll need to keep in mind as you look over your options for frames and lenses. In general, a prescription is good for two years for adults and as little as one year for younger individuals. If your prescription is outdated, you should have your eyes re-examined before purchasing prescription eyeglasses, regardless of your gender or age.

Your Pupillary Distance

Typically measured in millimeters, your pupillary distance is the distance between your two pupils. The optical center of each lens should be in front of your pupil to give you the best vision. To get glasses that will give you the best sight, you need to know your pupillary distance. Most prescriptions won't include this information if you don't ask for it, so be sure to ask your eye doctor to include your pupillary distance on your prescription, especially if you're going to order glasses online.

Face Shape: The Key to Choosing Women's Prescription Glasses and Fashion-Only Frames

One of the biggest — if not the biggest — things to consider when shopping for women's prescription glasses or fashion-only frames is the shape of your face. As a general rule, you should seek out glasses that provide a flattering contrast to the shape of your face.

Here are some generic facial shapes and the types of prescription and fashion glasses that often offer the best complementary contrast:

  • Heart or Diamond Shape: This facial shape is usually characterized by broad cheekbones, a slimmer chin, and a strong forehead. Frames that have similar characteristics, meaning those with a wider top and narrower bottom, typically complement this shape nicely.
  • Round Shape: A round facial shape typically involves a rounded forehead and a face that's best described as, well, round! Glasses that have a bigger horizontal than vertical frame are a wise choice, with rectangular frames being a great option to elongate your facial appearance.
  • Square Face: People with a square face and jawline are well-advised to get glasses that soften the angles of their faces. Glasses with rounder frames generally soften the angles of a square face wonderfully.
  • Oval Face: Individuals with an oval-shaped face can't go wrong with any style of frames, although symmetrical glasses with an obvious structure and rounded bottom are often advisable.

Your Personal Style and Needs

No matter the shape of your face, your style and what you need glasses for are paramount concerns when you're shopping for that perfect pair or two.

If you are always on the go, you likely are not concerned with matching a pair of eyeglasses with each outfit. If this sounds like you, we recommend going with a classic look with upswept angles that rock function and great looks at the same time. You likely put your glasses in your purse or glove box when not wearing them, so you may also want to add a scratch-resistant coating to your lenses.

Female college students may want to get glasses that are a direct reflection of their personality. Frames with unusual shapes and eye-catching colors might be a good choice. If most of your coursework is online, you might be well-served by adding a coating that blocks blue light to your eyewear.

Depending on their work environment, working women may want to stick with conservative frames. Black, silver, and brownish frames are often a good choice because they'll match a wide array of professional attire. If the culture at your workplace is more laid back, you'll have many more options to choose from, such as brightly colored, vintage, and retro frames.

Women's half-rim eyeglasses have become increasingly popular in recent years. This style of eyeglasses is a fantastic choice for any adult woman who wants to put together a sophisticated, mature look in or outside of the office without the weight of more traditional frames on the bridge of her nose. However, it should be noted that women's half-rim eyeglasses are generally not a smart pick for children, as this style of frame is more delicate than readily available alternatives.

Find What You're Looking for at Abbe Eyewear

Whether you want to compose a conservative look or you want to show off your creative side, you'll find glasses that will do the trick at Abbe Eyewear. We sell frames in many sizes that range from small to large, ensuring we have women's prescription and fashion-only glasses that complement faces of any shape.

As you go through our inventory, you'll see that we sell the latest styles at prices that can only be described as affordable. You can order frames and glasses from us with confidence. Should your eyeglasses arrive with any defects, you can choose between a full refund or allow us to remake the eyeglasses for no additional cost. If you just don't like the look of your new glasses, you can choose to ship them back and we'll refund half of the cost of the glasses. A prepaid shipping label is provided by us for no additional cost to you.

Shop for women's eyeglasses today.

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